Creative Inquiry (CI)

example of Creative Inquiry (CI) work

I developed a project management web application for the Creative Inquiry program at Clemson University. With this app our program has been able to track enrollment, funding, and accomplishments (publications, awards, etc.) over the life of the projects.


  • Utilized iROAR (Banner) for student and faculty data
  • Connected with Clemson University financial information systems for up-to-date funding information
  • Created recruiting feature to allow projects seeking students to automatically add their project information to a student recruiting web app

Research+Innovation Month

example of Research+Innovation Month work

April is Research+Innovation Month at Clemson University. I created this site as the Creative Inquiry office managed the campus-wide effort during the first year. The Division of Research has taken over management of the month's activities, but I continue to maintain the site.


  • Event submission form for any Clemson-affiliated group
  • Excel reporting of approved events
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Watt Center

example of Watt Center work

I created Tour, Course, and Event request web applications for the Watt Center. Beyond that, I have done a lot of ad-hoc web work for the Watt Center including surveys, reporting, sign-in forms, event information pages, and provided consulting on the public homepage.


  • Multi-layered approval process
  • Utilized iROAR (Banner) for class data
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Event Sign Ins

example of Event Sign Ins work

I do custom sign-in pages for Creative Inquiry and other organizations' events. With just a laptop and a printer, this page can serve as the interface of a sign-in kiosk. The page records the attendee's information in our database, then automatically prints a nametag.


  • Created as nametag printer kiosk for events
  • Integration with University database for user major/department info


example of Reporting work

Utilizing project information and admin input, I created a dynamic accounting page for departmental business/accounting employees. This page allows the user to view info on each active CI project in their department, including project leaders, amount allocated, account numbers, and current balance.


  • Allows users to monitor project fund balances
  • Connects with Clemson University financial information systems

Other CI Work

example of Other CI Work work

I provide web forms to enhance the Creative Inquiry experience for our project managers and students. Some examples include semester/annual reports, travel grant requests, poster board rental, faculty and graduate team leader award nominations, and surveys.


CI Annual Report

example of CI Annual Report work

I designed the 2015-2016 Creative Inquiry annual report.


  • Produced with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Ensured strong adherence to University brand guidelines
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FoCI Program

example of FoCI Program work

I designed the 2015-2016 Focus on Creative Inquiry event program.


  • Produced with Adobe Creative Suite
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example of Decipher work

I consulted with Creative Inquiry students on the production of our magazine Decipher. For the latest issue I edited photos, edited and created layouts, and assisted in proofreading.

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CI Logo

example of CI Logo work

I created this header for the "CI News" email newsletter. I also repurposed it as the background of a call to action on Twitter.

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Social Media

example of Social Media work

I created this gif for the CI Twitter account to welcome students back to Clemson for the 2016-2017 academic year.

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example of Advertisments work

I produced many graphics for use on the digital signage in the Watt Center.


Tiger Press

example of Tiger Press work

Though now abandoned by CCIT, there was plan of putting together a university-wide app for Clemson called, "Tiger Press", of which the Decipher app would be a part. This was a logo I worked up for it while in the development phase.

T-shirt Design

example of T-shirt Design work

I designed a shirt for one of my favorite bands, BABY BABY. I did the crying baby logo and sent it to them on Twitter. They decided to print some on tie-dye to help promote their new album, Semifamous.

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ACC Academic Consortium

example of ACC Academic Consortium work

I redesigned the acciac.org site. The old site had been hacked and the design was outdated. I used WordPress for the content management so that ACCAC staff can easily update and maintain the site.


  • Worked directly with ACCAC Coordinator
  • Utilized existing content management system to allow easy administration
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I have eight years of full-stack web programming experience in a university setting. I love working with creative people, and I keep a clean workspace.


Web Developer
 - Clemson University Creative Inquiry program: Clemson, SC - 2012–Present

Maintaining a project management web application for all Creative Inquiry projects. Maintaining all forms, websites, and applications associated with Creative Inquiry and related programs. Designing Creative Inquiry print and digital communications.

Programmer/Analyst II-III - Texas Tech University School of Nursing: Lubbock, TX - 2009–2011

Designing and maintaining original and existing web applications and sites including web forms, web-based tutorials, and databases. Prioritizing projects and maintaining School of Nursing public website with adherence to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Identity Guidelines. Producing video and graphics content for School of Nursing courses. PC setup and support for students, faculty, and staff. Supporting customers with internet-based applications on computers and mobile devices.

Designer - Texas Tech University School of Art: Lubbock, TX - 2008-2009

Produced video, print, and web communications projects aimed at recruiting new students, attracting and retaining donors, and gaining awareness for community outreach programs. Supported faculty with Mac hardware and software issues.

Graphic Designer/Installer
 - Bowen Technovation: Indianapolis, IN - 2007-2008

Performed website maintenance, designed print and web content. Installed industry specific lighting and audio-visual equipment in planetariums and exhibit spaces.


Ball State University - Bachelor of Arts Telecommunications - 2004


HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Adobe Creative Suite, Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks


Available on request